Cake (Crypto Advocates Knowledge Exchange) offers support to people interested in learning more about the Crypto space. Regardless of the level of knowledge you possess, this platform provides expert guidance on a wide range of subjects within the Crypto sector.
It was our main challenge to brand, design, and develop a user journey that users could easily navigate – This platform places users first and allows them to dictate the value they wish to withdraw.

2020 - Present
Branding, UI / UX Design & Development
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We created a seamless and responsive experience across all platforms and devices for The Cake.
A large part of the evolution of their digital product has been developing their identity.
Slice of cake
We branded, designed and developed The Cake, where everyone can get a slice of the Crypto world.
What was the result?
We continue to work with Cake in order to enhance their brand experience and enhance their offering. These efforts include their website, their application, and their entire brand.
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