Datatonic are a team of data experts who enable businesses to accelerate impact through cloud data engineering, advanced analytics and AI. We partnered with Datatonic for the launch of their new website for 2021.

The main objective of this project was to develop a fully optimised website that would give Datatonic full control over their platform. Therefore, we created a fully responsive experience for Datatonic’s team across all devices.

2020 - Present
Visit Datatonic
Evolving Cloud-Data Migration
Providing a fully comprehensive development service, so that we can provide Datatonic everything they need.
We integrated Datatonics existing color palette
Develop & Deploy
We have developed a fully responsive experience across all devices for Datatonic.
What was the result?
Since the new website launch, we have continued to work closely with Datatonic to make regular updates and expand the site with a carefully devised content strategy.
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