Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform that helps retailers increase CRM revenue by sending personalized marketing messages throughout the customer journey.

Working with ometria’s marketing team, we identified the current issues with the development set-up and assisted in developing a performance-optimized front-end framework that would improve the user experience.

2019 - Present
Design, Development, Content
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Studying consumer behaviour helped us optimize performance for the end user.
3D Design
We created a series of content for Lifecycle, animating scenes that focus on E-Commerce.
Embedding ourselves into our clients' brands is an integral part of our process.
As a result, we adopted a minimalistic palette in our content and design.
Design, develop & deploy
Providing a fully comprehensive development service, so that we can provide Ometria everything they need.
What was the result?
Continuing our partnership with Ometria, we are strengthening their brand experience through the optimization of their offering.
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